За цветята

                                                                                          GENERAL CONDITIONS

                                                                                / purchase of goods and / or services from
                                                                               INTERNET MARKET " MARKETZONA " © /

                                                                                               DEAR CUSTOMERS
                                                                       these Terms govern how the ability to make the desired
                                                               purchase of goods and / or services. For this they should take these
                                                                                             conditions and to follow them.


Art. 1 The terms used in these Terms have the following meaning:

p.1 . "Internet "
A system of interconnected networks using the Internet Protocol , which
allows them to operate as a standalone virtual network .

p.2 . " Web page "
is a special place on the Internet , accessible through its unique address
protocol or another standardized protocol and containing files
programs, text , sound, picture, image or other material and

p.3 . "Internet Market " MARKETZONA "©",
The internet- market which are offered by different suppliers of goods and
services for distance selling of their express request by
the Client.

Item 4 . " E- mail" is an electronic means of storage and transmission of electronic messages over the Internet through standardized protocols.

Item 5 . "E- Statement "
verbal statement is presented in digital form through a common
standard transformation, reading and visual representation of
information .

Chapter 6. "Electronic document " means an electronic statement recorded on magnetic, optical or other carrier that allows it to be reproduced .

p.7 . " E-commerce "
is the provision of information society services , as well as
delivery of goods to individuals and legal entities on the web

Item 8. " Service " means a natural or legal person providing an information society service .

p.9 . " Information Society Services "
are those services that are normally provided for remuneration, of
distance , by electronic means upon an explicit
statement by the service recipient .

Item 10 . "Provision of services at a distance " is the provision of services, where the parties are both in the same place.

Item 11 . "Provision of services by electronic means "
is the provision of services, where each party uses
devices for electronic processing , including digital compression and
storing the information and the service being provided by way
using a wire , radio, optical or other
electromagnetic means .

Item 12. " Recipient of services"
a natural or legal person who uses information services
professional society or other purposes , including for purposes of
seeking information or access to it.
p.13 . " At the express request of the recipient of the service" means that the service is provided with the express statement of willingness to be used by the recipient.

p.14 . ' Supplier of goods '
any natural or legal person in the supply chain of
goods who professionally transfer ownership or establish or
transferred to other rights over goods in favor of another provider or
dealer or any contract with member of the public or
private sector.
item 15 . " Contract for sale from a distance "
is a contract concluded on the basis of a proposal by the Contractor to
Client as part of a system for the sale of goods and / or provision
service in which the date of submission of the proposal to
conclusion of the contract the parties are not in physical contact with each other.

item 16 . "Consumer goods "
any natural person who acquires the goods are not intended
for commercial or professional activities and any
natural person who , in contracts covered by this law works
outside his trade or profession .

item 17 . " Merchant"
any natural or legal person who sells or offers for
selling goods or providing services conclude himself or through a third party
contract with a consumer as part of their trade or profession
activity in the public or private sector.

item 18 . " Manufacturer "
any natural or legal person who professionally produces
finished goods or materially changed or altered goods to
its launch , is presented as a producer by placing on
packing or
on the technical or commercial documentation of her own name or

company , a manufacturing or other distinctive mark .

item 19 . "Client" is
any natural or legal person who acquires goods or uses
services which are or are intended for commercial or
occupation, and any individual who, in
contract under this Act or acting outside his trade
or professional activity.

item 20 . " Client Profile " is a separate part of the Internet market " MARKETZONA "
For the client with information that is provided by the Client in
electron form for registration and stored by the Provider
as user data contain the following credentials
Client : username, password , full name , permanent address,
delivery if different from permanent address , phone number.
Access to MARKETZONA is performed
by entering the username and password at the designated
place. The profile of his clients allowing them to initially
data entered at registration in the Internet market " MARKETZONA " and allow him access to any other information that is located in MARKETZONA , and view the history of requests made ​​to this point .

item 21 . " electron form " is the electron form in which they are entered customer data

item 22 . " Username "
is selected by the customer individual identification code consisting of
letters, numbers or a combination of letters and numbers by which he
individualized Internet market " MARKETZONA ."
t.23 . "Password"
is selected by the customer individual identification key comprising
letters, numbers or a combination of letters and numbers through introduction after
introducing username is being accessed Client
profile and thus provides the opportunity to carry out
access to goods and services , and any information on the Internet MARKET " MARKETZONA "
item 24 . " Commercial communications "
are advertising or any other communication, directly or indirectly, the goods ,
services or image of a person engaged in a trade or craft
activity or exercising a regulated profession.

p.25 . " Accident "
circumstance , whose presence at the time of conclusion of the contract
was not in objective or subjective can be provided and
a circumstance which makes the implementation of the signed contract
objectively impossible.

p.26 . " Malicious acts " are acts or omissions in violation of ethics or causing injury to persons connected to the Internet or networks
sending unsolicited email, gain access to resources
with foreign rights and passwords, using the flaws in the systems for
own benefit or to obtain information , perform actions
which can be qualified as industrial espionage or sabotage,
damaging or destroying systems or
data sets ,
Send "Trojan horses " or virus installation or
remote control systems , disturbing the normal operation of other
users of the Internet and associated networks , making any
have been actions that can be classified as a crime
or administrative violation under Bulgarian law or
other applicable law .

item 27 . " Force majeure " means an unforeseen or unavoidable event having occurred after the conclusion of the contract.
t.28 . "Package"
are containers and any other components or materials that are fit
to serve to contain and store various goods
provided by the supplier directly to the customer , but that package is
products by manufacturer

p.29 . "Selling Price" is the final price for a unit or for a certain amount of goods or services

t.30 . "Ancillary services" means services related to the supply of goods already stated , which includes packaging and delivery by courier

t.31 . " Price of extra services " is
final price for delivery already requested product or service that cost
incorporates the cost of delivery , packaging materials -
if they are used and VAT.

t.32 . " Public call " is
invitation that is sent to the client to make a proposal for
purchase by visualizing the goods and services offered in the "Internet Market " MARKETZONA . "

II. Parties to the Treaty

Article 1 Parties to the contract of sale of any length are
Supplier of goods or services on the one hand as a vendor and customer /
natural or legal person / on the other hand as a buyer. contract
selling, general conditions thereto are drawn up in the Bulgarian language.
Access to general operating conditions for purchase can be made
the web address of the "Internet Market " MARKETZONA "©", namely : [www. bgwebmarket.com], [www.marketzona.com], [

Article 2 / 1 / CLIENTS of goods and services in the "Internet Market " MARKETZONA "©", can be:

p.1 . Only capable natural person over '18 , which
has completed in electronic form correct data in your customer profile.
Until proven otherwise by the client data is considered
true. To provide false information , the CUSTOMER shall bear criminal
liability under Article 313 of the Criminal Code.

p.2 . entities. In this case they are not consumers within the meaning of the Consumer Protection


Article 3 Scope of these terms are remote Offer
purchase of certain goods or services from a store contract
distance selling, conditions and manner of delivery of the goods
or service , payment of the purchase price , the payment of the cost of
additional services as chosen product or service .

Article 4 the goods and / or services "Internet Market " MARKETZONA "©"
an offer remote and the last in its legal
nature is a public invitation to purchase, under
Paragraph 1 Commercial Law

Article 5 Main characteristics of the goods offered in the "Internet Market " MARKETZONA "©", are as follows:

p.1 . Textiles - clothing , lingerie , linen

p.2 . Haberdashery - bags, belts , usefull accessories

p.3 . Watches and jewelery

p.4 Alcoholic beverages - bottled in glass , which prevents their spill

p.5 Soft drinks - bottled in glass or tetra pack , which allows them spill

p.6 Tobacco - packed in cardboard boxes , which prevent damage to contents

p.7 . detergents
Chl.5.a. General characteristics of the services that are available in the "Internet Market " MARKETZONA "©"

Article 6 All offered items - alcoholic beverages , soft drinks and

tobacco products are foods under food law . to
selling them in "Internet MARKET " MARKETZONA "©" required
relevant permits and documents.

Form and timing of signing the contract

Article 8 In order to complete a purchase of a product or service "Internet Market " MARKETZONA "©",, clients need to perform sequential technical steps , namely:

p.1 client to register at the website of the "Internet Market " MARKETZONA "©",, through the introduction of its customer data and for that purpose shall be completed typed electronic form .

p.2 . Once you enter all required customer data marked with
box that gives voluntary consent personal data to be
processed by the Supplier and the "Internet Market " MARKETZONA "©",
then pressing "Confirm" button to finish the procedure
entering this information . After validation, these client
data is converted as a client profile that is activated by
sent by the Supplier to the Customer 's e-mail

p.3 .
Customer activates their account , after logging into their electronic
mail, open the message sent by the Contractor and clicked
the link below

Item 4 . After activating your account, which is located in the "Internet Market " MARKETZONA "©",,
Customer should apply with a check of that this place
express consent for the procedure for the award of the contract begins
at his request . After this step, customer should select the desired
its product or service , and objectified desire to put it in
consumer basket by entering the number of items requested in
box next to the product and pressing said

After p.5
the choice of goods or services , the customer confirms the assessment made by
his request for goods or services by clicking on the "Confirm" button
p.6 customer mark method of payment - after the application - with
cash , money order or through electronic
payment e-pay bg and moneybookers
6.1 Once you select a payment method , the Customer explicitly declares to
check that it is willing to pay the price of the goods and / or
services previously

p.7 . The customer selects the mode or form of delivery of the goods and or services

p.8 customer specifies the address at which delivery will be made and a convenient time

p.9 client declares his consent , the cost of doing courier service to be charged to

s.10 Customer confirms the total supply that includes
selling price of the goods and or services as well as price
additional services

Item 11 customer said that accepts a contract from a distance with those
conditions , and for this purpose will objectify that pressing
" Confirm order " .

item 12 of the customer's account status "wholesale " that within 3 months a request to any of the participating companies shall be canceled as such and converted into status " RETAIL " .

t.13.Vaztanovyavaneto revoked status of 'wholesale' client can become after a request made by his account , " RETAIL " and request for recovery.

Article 9 / 1 / Following the consistent implementation of the above steps , it is assumed
that an application under Article 8 paragraph 11 is an electronic statement
the Law on Electronic Document and Electronic Signature and
a proposal to the appropriate provider for the conclusion of
purchase agreement from a distance
/ 2 / Statement under Article 8 paragraph 11 shall be made to the Supplier
which is the addressee of the statement, the meaning of the
Electronic Document and Electronic Signature and Service at
the Law on Electronic Commerce and Supplier of goods
meaning of the Consumer Protection

/ 3 / The statement of the Customer under Article 8 paragraph 11 and the confirmation of
Supplier of receipt are deemed to be received when their
addressed are able to access them . In this regard, the contract is
deemed concluded when the supplier confirms receipt of electronic
Statement of Client constitute an offer to purchase
the goods and / or services that are grouped in a single contract .
Validation is done by sending an email to
Client's request for adoption , together with its characteristics.

/ 4 / With the conclusion of the contract for the sale of the distance
be passed on to customers the risk of accidental loss in
transportation of goods ordered

/ 5 / in the case that when making the request customer finds that
ordered a product or service that does not want or decide that he wants to
A change in the stated delivery once to press button "adjustment"
and to make the necessary changes consistent with his desire .

/ 6 / correction in the preceding paragraph can not be done until
Validation of the application, but not later than 8 hours from the beginning of the
application as specified in Article 8 paragraph 11 .

/ 7 / "Internet Market " MARKETZONA "©" reserves the right to not fulfill the request if the client is disloyal to the site makes false requests unreasonably item is returned at the expense of the market " MARKETZONA " © " or has not received shipment requested thereof . In this case the client panel block. "Internet Market " MARKETZONA "©" reserves the right not to execute a query and a third party which was found to be associated with disloyal customer and make orders on its behalf .


Article 10 / 1 / The price of the goods and / or services "Internet Market " MARKETZONA "©",
is extreme, VAT included and available in Bulgarian in Bulgarian lev
version of this website, in euros, foreign-language version of
site as the equivalent of price lev according to the exchange rate of
BNB. The current price is one that is declared at the time of contract
In the online offer. It includes the final price of goods and or
Article 11 / 1 / In addition to the price of the goods , the Customer shall
pay the cost of any additional services that include
cost of delivery of the ordered goods using Carrier
to the given address

/ 2 / The cost of additional services for delivery to the address specified by the Client as follows:

Article 12 The price of the ordered goods and / or service
paid by the Client at the time of receipt of the shipment by the Carrier to
cash .

Article 13 The costs of the additional services are paid by the Client at the time of receipt of the shipment by the Carrier

Article 14 All prices are in Bulgarian Levs , except
prices in the foreign language version of the website

Article 14a . Purchase price and additional costs can be paid through e-pay bg and PayPal

Chl.14b . All transactions when paying by bank transfer or recovers an amount for returned orders are paid by the customer.

Delivery of goods

Article 15 Delivery of ordered goods is made by Carrier to the address specified by the Client in electronic form

No supply of alcoholic beverages and cigarettes to persons under 18
years. This prohibition is in accordance with the laws on prevention
respect to minors.

Article 16 / 1 / If after
receive electronic statement to the Client , which is
proposal to contract for distance selling and
constitutes an electronic document within the meaning of the Law on Electronic
Document and Electronic Signature Provider finds that the ordered
commodity is not available or

reasons can not be delivered, it should notify the

Customer within one day from the receipt of the application and
refuse to conclude the contract.
/ 2 / In the case of para 1
Provider can offer the customer a new contract ,
as a matter of supply are goods of equivalent quality and price
or delivery of the goods or services, but under other conditions
other than the original zyavkka . In this case, the client should
make the request again according to the present general conditions for the conclusion
contract .
/ 3 / When under par. 2 provider to perform another
instead due and the Customer exercises his right of withdrawal from the
contract , the cost of returning the goods shall be borne by the Contractor

Delivery time

Article 17
/ 1 / The deadline for delivery of the ordered goods or services is 7
working days of the Republic of Bulgaria .
/ 2 / The delivery period for countries - EU members is 20 working days.
/ 3 / The time limit begins to run from the date following
the integration of the consignment at the office of MARKETZONA


Article 18 /1 / The Contractor guarantees that the product delivered on demand
the Client has all the features that are mentioned in
remote offer.

/ 2 / On receipt of the goods, the customer should
whether there is a lack of conformity with the contract. In
If there are discrepancies , the Customer is an individual and should
make a claim in writing to them under Art . 125 of the Act
consumer protection. The occurrence of concealed defects and deficiencies client
should make a complaint in writing.

DISCLAIMER signed contracts

Article 19 The client is an individual and has the right , within 14 working days
according to Art. 55 of the Law on Consumer Protection , to waive
contract for the sale of

distance. This period starts from the day of receipt of goods for shipment requested by the Carrier

Article 20 The right arises under Article 19 of the Client when both the following conditions are met :

p.1 Request in writing their willingness to withdraw

Item 2 Details of bank account for reimbursement of already paid amount thereof

Item 3 To observe the general conditions for purchase of "Internet Market " BG - WEB - MARKET "©"

p.4 Do not compromised the integrity of the factory packing of goods

item 5 item is not damaged or used .

Article 21 The right of withdrawal can not be exercised for the following types of contracts , namely:

Items 1 to provide a service whose implementation started with the express
consent of the user and is completed before the expiry of 7 working
days of delivery ;
Item 2 For supply of goods and services whose price depends
the fluctuations in the financial markets that the provider is not
able to control ;

p.3 For delivery of goods made according to the requirements of the user or his individual order ;

p.4 for the supply of goods which by their nature can not
be returned or perishable , or the risk of
deterioration of the quality characteristics;

p.5 For delivery of audio and video recordings or software , unsealed by the consumer;
p.6 For delivery of newspapers , magazines and other periodicals;

p.7 for gambling and lotteries

Article 22 In case of withdrawal , the Customer is responsible for
product and its documentation to obtain and the Supplier . if
The customer has returned the goods on time and in accordance with the general conditions
The supplier is obliged to return the purchase price already paid within
up to 30 days without the costs of additional services .
p.1 amount shall be refunded only by deducting the amount from another application , the office of Marketzona or bank transfer.
p.2 Shipments returned to the supplier or by cash are not served and will be returned to the client
In item 3 refund for returned item in Bulgaria by bank transfer fee is charged by the second lev
p.4 amount is refundable when deducted from another application or client take her from the office of Marketzona .
p.5 Client decides itself how it wishes to recover the amount.
p.6 When sending a bank account of the client assumes that it wants refund by bank transfer .
Item 7 If the client does not specify a way to recover the amount that is charged to his account by automatically deducted from his next query.
Article 23 Goods that are returned , complaints and claims shall be sent to the address of the Contractor .


Article 24 All of your personal information necessary for the transaction and
its implementation is treated in strict confidence and provide
only delivery catheter-related entities.

Article 25 Upon completion of the electron form with client data
He gives his explicit consent , the Contractor and the "Internet Market " BG - WEB - MARKET "©" to process his data


Article 26 Contractor and / or the "Internet Market " MARKETZONA "©"
be entitled to send to the client unsolicited commercial communications by
the Law on consumer protection in order to provide
information and / or advertising on their own or offered by other
vendors of goods and / or services , and to make inquiries , conduct
polls , quizzes and the like.

Art. 27 The supplier shall keep his contract with the customer sale contract from a distance.
Article 27 The Contractor shall confirm in writing
the inquiry of the commodity by the Client by sending an email
statement about the e-mail to the Customer. Written form is
considered completed when an electronic document has

Article 28 The Contractor shall indicate to the client
technical tools and techniques for detecting and correcting errors
When entering information on requesting goods or services
before the order for the conclusion of the contract;

Article 29 The Contractor shall comply with the following rules
behavior to customers, which represent a code of ethics , namely:
p.1 Contractor shall comply with decency and not to undermine the reputation , honor or dignity of the Customer

p.2 Contractor shall keep the secrets of their
Clients, not to disclose their data to third parties , with
except when these data are requested by the respective legal procedures

p.3 Contractor shall provide customers with true, accurate

and available information on the characteristics of the goods
possibility of their purchase to withdraw from the contract

p.4 Contractor shall submit data to identify yourself to the Customer and third parties
p.5 The Contractor undertakes to send to the Customer
messages to send information that is not consistent with the Bulgarian
p.6 provider shall, upon execution of the contract to
diligence that would have worked as well for his work

p.7 Where the Contractor can not fulfill its obligation due
force majeure, accidental events or malicious actions are
required within 10 days notify the Client by sending
e-mail to the Customer with a description of what constitutes an obstacle to
performance of the contract and the possible consequences for the implementation of


Article 30 / 1 / In addition to the rights listed above , the Customer has the right to
elected by the goods and or services without obligation to offer
before making an electronic statement for delivery of these
goods. The customer shall, upon delivery of the goods to pay
selling price , and also the cost of additional services related to
deliver the order to the address indicated by the Client

Article 30 /2 / The Customer shall :

- Indicate an accurate and valid telephone, shipping address and e-mail address for correspondence ;
- To pay the price of the ordered goods ;
- To pay the costs of delivery, except in cases where the delivery costs shall be borne by the Contractor ;
- To receive the goods ;
- To take all care and take necessary measures reasonably necessary in order to protect your password ;
- Not to disclose to third parties your password and answer to the secret question and immediately notify the Contractor in the event of unauthorized access to your profile and the likelihood of such ;
- To specific Internet protocols and security in protection of the password , to terminate the session in which it is entered into your profile by clicking on the virtual button " exit" ;
- Do not submit false or invalid requests or other false information. The customer assumes full responsibility for the protection of your password and for all actions performed by him or by a third party using her

Article 30 /3 / The Client shall indemnify the Contractor and any third parties for any damages or loss of profits , including all costs and paid attorney fees , paid benefits , litigation expenses incurred as a result of claims by third parties in connection in default of the Customer under this contract, breach of Bulgarian legislation applicable foreign laws, these terms and Conditions, morality and / or netiquette . Client shall indemnify the client for any damage caused by third parties who provided your password, use the same .


Article 31 /1 / The Contractor shall exercise due diligence information
provided to the customer is always correct and
date, but does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of such information .

Article 32 / 1 / supplier will not be liable for not making an access to the "Internet Market " MARKETZONA "©"
as well as raw or untimely processing of applications
purchase when it is due to circumstances beyond
its ability to control , such as but not limited to - the case of
force majeure , fortuitous events , issues on the Internet.
/ 2 / Due to the fact that the supplier has
ability to modify, control or otherwise affect
quality and suitability for use

requested by the Customer of goods and / or services , the Contractor is not responsible for

compliance with applicable regulatory requirements and their
qualities. The Contractor 's and Manufacturer previous sentence
applies .

/ 3 / supplier or the "Internet Market " MARKETZONA "©"
not liable for damages caused to the software , hardware or
telecommunications equipment , or loss of data arising from
materials or resources searched , downloaded or used in any
any way by the shop because they do not have control over
to those resusr dalgogodishten .

/ 4 / The Contractor shall not be
liability for damages when the nature of the content and
materials located on these Web sites and resources
meets the statutory rules

/ 5 / The Contractor shall not be liable for any damages or
lost profits arising from the use of, access to or the
untrustworthiness of the material and content.

/ 6 / The Contractor shall have no obligation and objective chance
to control the manner and ways in which the client accesses
"Internet Market " MARKETZONA "©"

/ 7 / The Provider is not responsible for the breach of any of its
obligation under this contract where such failure is due
caused by force majeure or other reasons such as, but not
limited to malicious actions , contingencies and all other
circumstances that are beyond the limits and possibilities of the Contractor.
For the duration of the force majeure , as well as all other
circumstances mentioned above , the performance of the
Supplier and the related reciprocal obligations shall be suspended.


Article 34 For all this contract shall be relevant
provisions of the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria .

Article 35 These Terms and Conditions have been prepared in accordance with Bulgarian law.

Article 36 All disputes are settled through negotiations and discounts
between the parties , and if no consent - to the competent
courts in the Republic of Bulgaria

Article 37 .
All reports and statements to the parties shall be sent to by
their addresses. It is assumed that a message was received , where the addressee
be able to access both the sent message .